During your time with us you’ll experience a guided meditation focused around one of the below themes that guides your journey and taps into your inner creativity.

Every workshop is 2 hours long and could include 6-10 people.  Your workshop fee includes individual instruction and supplies, paints on pallets, canvas, brushes, water, pencil and paper.  Start your Journey Today!

Mindfulness & Meditation

This workshop is focused on being in the moment and experiencing the here and now.  You’ll experience being fully present to yourself and discover through your painting what that means to you.


This workshop is focused on learning the power of being relaxed.  You’ll experience inner calm and discover through painting what brings you joy.

Discover Inspiration

This workshop takes you on a journey into what makes you a unique individual.  You’ll learn about what inspires them and uncover the path to following dreams and passions.

Peace & Happiness

This workshop is focused on uncovering what happiness means to you.  You’ll experience going into your heart center and discover through your painting what brings you peace and happiness.

Comfort from Pain & Discomfort

This workshop is focused on finding inner peace and relaxation when you have moments of pain, discomforts, anxiety, grief or fear.  You’ll learn what “pain free” means to you and experience a deeper sense of managing pain and discomfort.

Authentic Expression of Self

This workshop is focused on self-discovery and takes you to your heart center.  You’ll learn the power of fully acknowledging and accepting your true self.

Relief from Chaos

This workshop is focused on finding inner calmness and clarity.  You’ll learn how to identify what chaos looks like and through your painting you’ll uncover what your life would look like without chaos, just the calm.