Thank you for visiting my gallery and visual arts healing center.  It's been my dream to use artwork, classes and events  to open the door for you to experience the spiritual and healing power of art. My hope is this gallery will be a place of inspiration and internal peace and I want to provide you with a creative path to take on the challenges of everyday life.  I hope to see you at one of my classes and invite you to stop by and enjoy the space during our open gallery hours.



About Jacqueline Drake

Jacqueline Drake has been using her intuitive process to create mixed media art for over 20 years. Having started her career in the healthcare field , then deciding to study fine art as well as intuitive and meditative healing, Jacqueline brings a truly unique blend of talents and knowledge to her practice and community. Her stunning artwork seems to glow and be lit from within. Its luminous style, like the artist herself, reminds the viewer of their own energy and light to bring forth calm, introspection and healing. Through her beautiful canvasses and art-inspired products, engaging workshops and inviting gallery, Jacqueline helps people relax, create, explore and be inspired.

Jacqueline resides in Franklin with her loving and supportive husband and two active sons. She’s so honored to be able to locate her gallery and workshop in such a beautiful location and city.


The gallery is located in the heart of historic downtown Franklin, Michigan in the building formally occupied by Yanke Designs Fine Jewelry for almost 30 years. In March 2018, Cassius & Jacqueline Drake purchased the historic building to create a one of a kind space to celebrate the artist in everyone. The inside of the building has been transformed into an open gallery space with a selection of artwork, wearable products and intimate creative space for attendees of her Healing Art Workshops

"I have been active member in the Franklin community working on Music on the Green, contributing artwork to Main Street Franklin and chairperson for the National Arts Program for Birmingham School District.  I'm so grateful that I have the opportunity to find a building in Franklin. I couldn't imagine opening a healing arts gallery in any other city" 

- Jacqueline Drake, Owner & Artist


The Jacqueline Drake Gallery serves as the creative heart of Franklin. The healing arts center offers year-round classes and cultural events, helping people meditate, reflect, and pour the magic from their souls onto the canvas. 

Be it illness or disease, divorce or death, times of turmoil and devastation often leave individuals with no space or guide on how to deal with their emotions in a healthy, impactful way. 


The Jacqueline Drake Gallery provides a safe, sacred space to land, reflect and express yourself.


Commissioned Artwork

The Art of Jacqueline Drake has appeared in hospitals, spas, yoga studios, restaurants, offices and private buyer’s homes across U.S.

Email or call us at 248-736-7211 for information about hiring Jacqueline Drake to create a custom piece for your home or business.