Wearable Art

What you wear changes your mood and your mood sets your day.  You express your creativity every day. Whether you’re solving problems at work, playing games with your kids or on the yoga mats, tap into your imagination by with leggings and tops that capture the depth of spirit.  Based on custom resin paintings created through spirit, universe and love. Shop Now


By combining mindfulness and painting, our workshops enable you to relax and leave your everyday stresses behind.  You’ll learn the meditation technique that Jacqueline Drake developed and uses to create her own works of art. This is your chance to tap into your inner creativity! Each class is 2 hours and focuses on a theme that guides you on your Journey Within the Art.


For over 20 years, Jacqueline Drake has been dreaming of opening a gallery that celebrates art that heals. Visit us and learn how Jacqueline healed herself through painting.  This is a working studio and everyone is welcome.  If you’re looking for a change of mood or an escape from every day worries, stop by and say hello! We’re open to the public Tuesday through Saturday 11am- 4pm. Hours may very depending on events. Call 248-236-7211 for event schedule.